The Invitation Reveal

Wow, this is the week of the invites on the Hive 🙂

As I mentioned in my previous post, there were so many pretty invitations to chose from!  I wasn’t really into invitations before (since they get thrown away by most everyone); however I felt differently after seeing so many fun and unique designs.

I actually didn’t pick any from my original group.  Don’t get me wrong, they are all gorgeous invitations, however in one last search for invites I stumbled upon the perfect option for Fiancé and I.

The invitations we chose from Oh So Chic Designs:

Images via Oh So Chic Designs

I loved everything about them – the ability to add personalized photos, how unique they were and that all the pieces of the invitation suite were fastened together, making it easy for guests to keep all the information together.

I contacted the designer Rebecca and we worked together in designing them.  She was a dream to work with, and kept me on schedule (which was much appreciated – especially since my to do list was, and still is, out of control).

I decided to order envelopes on my own so I could use grey outer envelopes (the invitations came with white envelopes) and also so I could also get a head start on addressing all of them.  (Yes I’m crazy and attempted to write out all the addresses in calligraphy).  We ended up ordering through, and found that they had a great selection and  quality.

The grey outer envelope, pink inner envelope and white response card

The invitations allowed for photographs on each page and we chose to use pictures of our church, venue, hotel and city shot of Rochester.  When it came to wording we kept it mostly traditional, while adding a place on the reply for our guests to include their favorite dance songs.

I’m so happy with how they turned out:

The invitation suite

A snapshot of the front

A closer look at the front photo

A closer look at the invitation suite, from right to left we included a page for the actual invite, reception information, directions, accommodations and reply card

The response card – the bottom says “I promise to dance if you play ____”.  There was a perforated line at the bottom so the top portion detached for the response.

There were a few other details we included in the invitations which I’ll recap next.

Did you go for traditional or nontraditional invites?


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