The Most Exciting Time of the Day…

Is checking the mail!  So far this week has brought a lot of great things in the mail including…

The newest issue of Brides magazine (I got a free subscription, although I don’t remember how).

Image via Brides (since I didn’t actually snap a photo)

Some unexpected registry gifts! (I have two showers coming up this month, however these were a nice surprise).

The aftermath of opening three boxes.

The generous gifts we received!

An invitation to a bridal shower and bachelorette party for one my dear friends.

So excited to celebrate her big days!

A surprise box from MISS LYRE!  (Ok, so I knew it was coming, but was surprised that day when I wasn’t sure who the box was from.. I’ve been doing a lot of online ordering lately).  What did the box contain?  Wine corks!  Miss Lyre was super sweet and offered to send me hers for my wine cork wedding projects – THANK YOU, that was so nice of you!!

All of the wine corks!

And finally….

Response cards!!  That’s right… we sent our invitations last week and are starting to get some responses everyday!  🙂

I’m so excited to reveal the invitation details to you this week.

September brides, have you sent out invites yet/received responses?  Any others get unexpected (and totally awesome) gifts in the mail before the wedding?


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