And We’re Registered

Lately my life has been filled with endless to do lists, and one thing that has FINALLY been crossed off the list is registering (yay!).  I don’t know about anyone else, but I have found the whole registering process to be kind of stressful.  Fiance and I have lived together for four years.  As you can imagine, after four years, we’ve accumulated quite a bit of household items.  For every birthday, Christmas celebration and holiday in between I’ve asked for household items.   I’m fortunate enough to already have a Keurig, Kitchen Aid mixer and espresso machine. I’ve also accumulated all those fun little quirky appliances you don’t need, but are fun to have (like the waffle maker, indoor grill and snow cone maker.. I mean everyone needs one of those, right?).

So when it came down to our registry we were at a loss as to what to get.  We considered registering for china – but decided against it since we travel for all family functions and wouldn’t get much use out it.  I also saw the price tag on one set of china (and the matching gravy boats, platters, etc) and decided I would probably cry if a plate broke.  Then I’d be that crazy person who cried over a $100 broken plate.. and we can’t have that.  The dishes I have now range in price from $1-$10.  What can I say, I like nice appliances, but cheaper dishes.

We also considered the honeymoon registry – but decided against it as well for various reasons.  Mainly, we have already paid for our honeymoon.  I’m sure we could have received a credit back, but I just didn’t want to go through that process.

Fiance and I decided instead to update some items in our kitchen, bathroom and register for new bedding.  We set our sites on local stores to make it easier on our guests, although I do love the idea of a universal registry.

So where did we pick?  Macy’s, Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma were the winners.  (I’m sad to report that Crate and Barrel did not make the list.  There are none local to us and I wanted to physically see most of the products we were registering for.  I’ve ordered from them MANY times and their products are always amazing, but alas, I didn’t want to register for everything online).

For Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma we went to their registry event, where both stores had extra staff on hand to help us through the process.  We started with Pottery Barn, and to be honest, it was a disappointment.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Pottery Barn, but the associates weren’t helpful (or even around) and I thought it was easier going through their website.   I did end up finding bedding that I loved, however when I checked my registry a few weeks later I saw that one of the sets was already discontinued.  I was surprised I didn’t receive an email from Pottery Barn letting me know ahead of time (since they love sending me emails everyday!).  I wanted this bedding and was willing to buy it off of my own registry.  The pillow cases and shams were already discontinued online at this point, and I ended up traveling to two different stores to find them.  I would have been really upset if I wasn’t able to locate them at all.  Overall the Pottery Barn registry consisted mostly of bedding, towels and picture frames.

Our discontinued Mari bedding, Image via Pottery Barn

Hadley bedding (the other option we went with), Image via Pottery Barn

After Pottery Barn, we hit up Williams-Sonoma.  Luckily this event was much better.  Their staff was helpful and willing to do product demonstrations on a few of the appliances we were eying.  My favorite appliance by far was the Vitamix.  Seriously this thing is amazing.  It is pretty much the best blender you can find, and it also has heat settings that allow you to cook food (perfect for creating soups!).  It’s definitely pricey, but after a few demos (of orange sorbet and applesauce) even Fiance was sold.  I most certainly don’t expect anyone to purchase this and will be shocked if someone actually does due to the price (unless there is a big group gift going on), however we’ll receive 10% off after the wedding for a registry completion which will make it a little more affordable (along with some gift cards).  The rest of the registry consisted of more practical (and affordable) options.  The Vitamix was the only ridiculously priced item we registered for.

Vitamix, Image via Williams-Sonoma

Our final stop was Macy’s.  I know everyone has a different experience, but ours was rather enjoyable.  We met with a nice sales associate who only took five minutes of our time to explain how the registry worked and where to find everything in the store.  Halfway through she found us perusing kitchenware and brought us bottled waters (which was much appreciated).

Fiance comparing glassware

The Macy’s registry included most of our plates, baking and kitchen accessories and random household items.  I had a really hard time coming up with items that we actually wanted (as opposed to putting items on for the sake of having a lot of options).  Overall both Fiance and I are happy with our final picks, although registering is exhausting!

I took a quick break on a display bed – Shh! Don’t tell Macy’s

How was your registering experience?  What were your favorite registry picks?


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