Miss Fairy and Fiance – A Quick Intro

Hi hive!  Just like Miss Toadstool, I started singing I’m a B once I saw the official weddingbee email come through.  I’m so excited to be sharing our wedding experiences with you and hope you enjoy reading about them just as much as I enjoy writing about them. 🙂

You may be wondering – why Miss Fairy? I actually had a really hard time choosing a character!  I am sometime very indecisive, but I continuously went back to her because I thought she was so darn cute.  So Fairy it is.

Now on to who we are and where it all started…

Fiance and I met in 2006.  We both disagree on where we actually met and who asked who out (he asked me… twice).  We started dating in late 2007, and moved in together in 2008.. along with Fiance’s brother (kind of like ‘You, Me and Dupree’).  I learned a lot from living with Fiance and his brother for so long.  While Fiance’s brother has since moved out, I’m happy to report that I think of him as my own brother and we still get along great.  Finally in 2011 Fiance proposed, and we’ve been busy ever since planning for our September 2012 wedding.

Our first New Year’s Eve together!

Fiance is my better half and makes me laugh daily (which is a major plus).  We don’t take ourselves too seriously and are enjoying the wedding planning process…for the most part.  While I’ve planned a majority of the smaller details, Fiance gives me his input on everything, and I love having him involved, even if he does come up with some crazy ideas (more on that at another time).

Celebrating the Christmas tree lighting!

I can’t wait to marry my best friend in just a few months!

At a family dinner

*All pictures are personal


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