Food Tasting Part 2

So you may remember when we met with our catering manager to discuss our menu.  Fiance and I were hopeful to try out the food during this meeting, but came away with only a discussion of what our menu would entail.

After that meeting I scheduled an actual food tasting with our caterer.  We were going to meet her in three weeks on a Sunday afternoon.  With that meeting set up, we also scheduled a meeting with a potential organist for the ceremony.  Everything was all set.  Or so I thought.

The Friday before our scheduled tasting I received an email from the catering manager confirming that we were not meeting and that the scheduled time must not have worked out for us.  I was so confused – we were definitely still planning on meeting, and I immediately wrote her back to tell her so.

And then I waited.  Waited to receive an email back from her saying that of course we were still meeting.  The work day went on.  And I waited.  Fiance called the venue to see if he could get a hold of the catering manager.

Turns out she couldn’t meet with us.  I was so disappointed.  We were counting on this appointment so we could order the invitations the following week.  I was disappointed that even with email correspondence back and forth she didn’t remember we were planning on our tasting. I couldn’t figure out the disconnect and was so discouraged.

Fiance and I still traveled the three hours round trip to meet with our organist since that meeting was also scheduled for the same day (which was a success – yay!) But we left without our scheduled food tasting, and confused about why it didn’t work out.

The day after our scheduled tasting I received a voicemail from the caterer apologizing for the mix up (she had confused us with another couple who also wanted to meet on our time) and offered to make it up to us by making the one and a half hour drive to our home for a tasting.  I was so relieved.  Fiancé called the caterer and set up dinner for the following evening after work (yay  – not only would we meet our invitation deadline after all, we also got to have our reception meal for dinner).

The next day our caterer came by at 6:00 p.m. with a tray of food – filet mignon, two pieces of the chicken, manicotti and salad.

She told us to put the meats and pasta in the oven for fifteen minutes and to heat up the sauces, and we were ready to go.  She said her goodbyes (and another apology) and she was on her way.  Fiance and I both had anticipated her staying for our tasting, but once she left we were both excited to have a nice, relaxing meal together just the two of us.

We set up the table in the dining room (a rare occurrence in our home), lit some candles and popped two bottles of wine (because we had to try white and red with our meal).  I heated up all the food and prepared the salad, and we were good to go.

Fiance happy to try the menu

Getting all the sauces ready

This is how our menu ended up:

Appetizers – We didn’t try these, but on our day we will be serving the standard cheese/crackers/crudités/dip along with California rolls, brie cheese bites with raspberry filling and bacon wrapped scallops.

For the dinner:

  • Orchard Salad – Mixed greens, pears, feta, walnuts, craisins and a pear vinaigrette

Verdict – So good!  I loved it and was craving it the next day – even Fiance loved it (he was a little skeptical about mixing fruit in his salad).

Dinner Choices

  • Cheese Manicotti with a tomato sauce for our vegetarian option

Verdict – Unimpressive – Fiance and I both agreed it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t our favorite.  We will be switching the vegetarian option to the vegetable lasagna (we won’t be trying it first, so hopefully it’s a winner)

  • Chicken stuffed with prosciutto, basil, sundried tomatoes and mozzarella served with a Chardonnay Sauce

Verdict – It was really good – it had a lot of flavor and we are sticking with this menu choice

  • Filet Mignon – our caterer provided us with two sauces to try out on top of the steak.  The first was a port wine sauce and the second was a gorgonzola butter sauce.  Both completely different from each other.

Verdict – We went with the Filet Mignon topped with gorgonzola butter cream sauce.  It enhanced the flavor of steak without being overbearing.  The port wine sauce was good – but reminded me of eating a beef stew instead of a nice filet.

We are very happy with our final dinner selection, and even more happy with the outcome of our cancelled tasting – even though it didn’t work out as originally planned, the caterer made it up to us and we had a fantastic date night at home, enjoying the meal we will be eating on our wedding day.

Did any vendors go out of their way to help you plan your day?  What did (or will) you include on your menu?


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