Sneak Peak at the Flowers

This past weekend I traveled to my hometown to celebrate Mother’s Day with my family.  I made sure to pack three of the vases that I had acquired through my many trips to TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Michaels and AC Moore (while I’ve enjoyed going in all the stores, I must admit I’m excited for the day I can go in and leisurely browse, instead of scooping up my 40% off item at the time and running to the next store).

Mom was nice enough to order my a large pink orchid to test out in the face (which was a pleasant surprise since we hadn’t coordinated our my bringing home a vase with her ordering the flowers).

If you recall from my previous post I wanted each table to have one large cylinder vase filled with an orchid, and two smaller cylinder vases on each side with a floating candle.  We would also be filling the tables with votive candles to add lots of candlelight throughout the room.

When we first put the orchid in with a little bit of water at the bottom it looked a little plain (I know that is the look I was obviously going for, but I still felt like it was missing something).  Mom suggested marbles or stones in the bottom, and brought out a mix of clear and white colored stones – the perks of putting it together in her florist shop.

  • Helpful Tip #1 – When putting in stones in large cylinder vases, you need to very carefully drop them in as close to the bottom as possible.  We dropped the first ones in too high and cracked the bottom of the vase (oops!)  The vase still worked for our purpose, but I’m afraid the crack might get bigger, and unfortunately won’t be able to use it for the wedding.
  • Helpful  Tip #2 – Which brings me to my next tip –always have a couple spare vases – if one breaks on the wedding date I want to make sure there is a spare.
  • Helpful Tip #3 – Do not transport vases with marbles or stones.  Instead, transport everything separately to the reception site and place stones in the vases at place setting to ensure the vase doesn’t crack in the moving process. 

With the stones at the bottom, I was happier with the overall look.

Still I wanted something a little more.

I asked Momma Florist if I could submerge the entire orchid in water.  She said yes, and Fiance got to work filling the entire vase with water.

  • Helpful Tip #4 – When putting water in a bigger vase, it is much easier to use a watering can or pitcher and fill with the vase already on the table.  It may seem a little tedious (especially if the vase isn’t close to a sink), however it prevents dropping the vase filled to the brim with water.

The arrangement ended up turning out exactly how I wanted it – I loved that it was simple but would provide a great backdrop to our reception.  The orchid was a perfect choice since it’s easy to transport, and doesn’t need to be refrigerated overnight (both are crucial since Momma Florist will have to transport the flowers a day before the wedding and we are having the reception out of town, with very little cooler space to store the flowers).

We will be adding one more element to the flowers on the wedding day – a submersible light that will be placed inside the vase and add an extra element of light, similar to the vase below (ours will be clear – I’m hoping it blend well with all the candlelight!)


I’m so happy I finally got to see what the centerpiece would look like, and can’t wait to see it on the wedding day!


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