Food Tasting Part 1

So you may remember when we met with our catering manager to discuss our menu.  Fiance and I were hopeful to try out the food during this meeting, but came away with only a discussion of what our menu would entail.

After that meeting I scheduled an actual food tasting with our caterer.  We were going to meet her in three weeks on a Sunday afternoon.  With that meeting set up, we also scheduled a meeting with a potential organist.  Everything was all set.  Or so I thought.

The Friday before our scheduled tasting I received an email from the catering manager confirming that we were NOT meeting and that the scheduled time must not have worked out for us.  I was so confused – we were definitely still planning on meeting, and I immediately wrote her back to tell her so.

And then I waited.  Waited to receive an email back from her saying that of course we were still meeting.  The work day went on.  Still waiting.  Fiance offered to call the venue to speak see if he could get a hold of the catering manager.

Success!  If only.  Fiance spoke to the catering manager who couldn’t recall our email conversation confirming our appointment.  Furthermore, she couldn’t accommodate us last minute since she would have to order the food a week in advance.  I was so disappointed.  We were counting on this appointment so we could order the invitations the following week.  I was disappointed that even with email correspondence back and forth she didn’t remember we were planning on our tasting.  Disappointed that it took a week to order food – what?  Our menu consisted of a salad (yes we asked to try the salad), chicken, pasta and filet.  All of which could be purchased from a local grocery store (and also might be available to a caterer who probably serves those dishes every weekend).

I couldn’t figure out the disconnect, but was so discouraged.  In a few months we would be paying this venue thousands of dollars for our reception.  The lack of customer service made me question our decision to host our wedding there.

Fiance and I still traveled the three hours round trip to meet with our organist (which was a success – yay!) But we left without our scheduled food tasting, and confused about why it didn’t work out.

The next day we did hear back from the catering manager… (to be continued in Part 2).


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