I Bought My Shoes Before My Dress

Back before I ever committed to a dress, I was intent on finding the perfect pair of shoes for the wedding.

I’m almost a foot shorter than Fiance, so any shoe I picked had to have some heel.  They also had to be somewhat comfortable.

Being a big fan of Sex and the City, I’ve always lusted over the famous Manolo Blahnik ‘Something Blue’ shoes.


I’ve always wanted a pair of designer shoes, and what better time than the wedding, right?

Unfortunately the designer price tag was a little too much for me.

Once I said goodbye to my Manolo dream, I decided to take a look at another designer’s collection – Kate Spade.

And then I came across these.  The beautiful Kate Spade ‘Charm.’

They were the perfect height and I loved the slingback on them.

I discovered that they were also sold on Piperlime, and with a 20% off code, plus Banana Republic rewards points (also redeemable at Piperlime) I was able to purchase these lovelies for a very reasonable price.

I’ve since seen these featured on many different bridal blogs and love how pretty they photograph.

Of course I couldn’t resist snapping a picture myself when they arrived.

I can’t wait to wear these in just a few months!


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