My Addiction to Michaels

I have a serious addiction to Michaels.  In the past two weeks I’ve been to three different locations a total of eight times.  Aside from buying out the entire store (which I’m in the process of doing), I’m currently stocking up on cylinder vases.  I need about sixty altogether!

You see my Mom is my florist, and since I’m getting married about a hundred miles away from her shop, I have to be selective about what the centerpieces will be.  She will be coming to the hotel we are staying at the day before the wedding for the rehearsal dinner, and won’t have access to large coolers to store all of the wedding day flowers. I needed to come up with something that wouldn’t be difficult to assemble or transport, and would hold up well overnight, without being in a cooler.  I’ve always loved the look of centerpieces with candlelight, so after scouring the web for ideas, I decided to go for a large cylinder vase filled with a floating orchid, with two smaller cylinder vases with floating candles.  There will be dozens of votive candles on each table as well.

My Inspiration:

Image via Elizabeth Anne Designs/Styled by Styled Creative/Photo by Maria Labbancz Photography

Transporting a few containers of orchids wouldn’t take up too much room, and they last for quite a few days in water.  Unfortunately my Mom didn’t have all of the cylinder vases I wanted, so I’ve been slowly acquiring them on my various trips to Michaels.

Comparing the vases in the store:

The two smaller vases are 15″ cylinder vases, the taller one is a 19″ cylinder vase.

We have almost all of the tall vases we need (20 – one per table) and about half of the smaller vases (40 in all – two per table).

Of course Fiance could only take so much of following me around Michaels before he found other methods to pass the time (yes, he somehow came across a hula hoop).

What was your inspiration for flowers?


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