Cutting the Cake

Among the many things on the wedding ‘to purchase’ list was a cake serving set.  You know, the one that will be in all the pictures next to the wedding cake, the one that Fiance and I will use to cut out an amazing slice of heaven (I’m assuming it will be amazing – we have yet to actually pick out a baker).

I didn’t want to purchase one that we would use on the wedding day and forget about after the fact.  I wanted a set that we could use for holidays and future family functions.

When we started searching we found ones that were personalized with the wedding date and the couple’s names.  Although many couples like serving sets like the one below, it seemed to be too ‘wedding related’ to use for all our family gatherings.

Image via The Knot

On the flip side, we could go with something completely different that could match potential dishware in the future.  My personal favorite?  The Mackenzie Childs serving set.

Image via Neiman Marcus

Unfortunately that set didn’t seem to go with the overall feel of our wedding and Fiance wasn’t a fan.

After searching some more, I finally found a serving set I loved that was simple, personalized and from one of my favorite stores – Pottery Barn.

Image via Pottery Barn

I had the ends of the serving set monogrammed with an ‘S’ for my new last name.  I love how it came out!

Personal Photo

Personal Photo

I can’t wait to use the set on our wedding day – and for years to come.  Did you personalize a cake serving set, or pick one out that matched future serving ware?


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