I Guess We’ll Just Have to Drink More Wine

One of projects that I wanted to do myself was the escort cards for the reception.  Fiance and I are having our reception at a winery and while there is no theme to the wedding, I wanted to highlight our venue a little.

I originally thought about using wine corks to hold the individual name cards.

Image via Project Wedding

They look so pretty and are perfect for our reception!  When I showed this idea to Fiance, he told me that we would have to drink more wine to accommodate our need for all those corks (um, yes please!).

Now we just had to figure out how many corks we needed.  If we invited 200 guests, we would need about 200 corks, or maybe 120 if we included couples on one card instead of individually listing each person on a separate card.  Maybe we could manage that many wine corks if we enlisted the help of some of our family and friends (and of course if we drank more wine).

Then I came up with an even better idea – why not make a wine cork board that I can display at the wedding, but also use after the wedding is over to display notes and things.  It would look beautiful and also serve as a nice reminder of our special day.  I was sold.  (Fiance just kind of nodded and told me ‘sounds nice’ meaning ‘go with it, let me know how it turns out’.)

My Inspiration for the wine cork board:

Image via Wine Enthusiast

I had the perfect frame already that was originally intended for a picture collage.  Unfortunately the glass broke before I had a chance to hang it, and I never had a new piece cut.

Judging by the size of the frame, I knew I needed a lot more than 200 corks, and there was no way Fiance and I could drink that much wine (even though we did buy more with that intention).  A quick internet search led me to stores that sell corks and to eBay.  I ended up going the eBay route and purchased a lot of 500 corks. (One thing I learned through this process was to only bid on the listings for wood corks.  There were some that included champagne corks and synthetic corks, however for this project I needed all wood corks).

After receiving the first set of 500 I realized I needed more, and I found another set of 500 that I bid on.

With all 1,000 corks in place I got to work arranging them – although it was a fun project, it took longer than anticipated.  The corks were all different sizes, and came from many different wineries (a benefit from ordering them off of different sellers on ebay).  Of course when arranging the corks I had to pay special attention to make sure I matched the shorter and taller ones together so they fit on the board.

I first laid out the pattern to make sure it was what I wanted.

Next – I got out my glue gun and extra glue sticks.

I found the easiest way for me to do this project was to glue the corks after I had laid them all out.  I would pick up one cork at a time, glue the back and place it down on the board.  That way I had already had a base pattern and it was a simple task of gluing them all down.

Finally I had my finished product (two hours and fourteen glue sticks later).

I still need to order escort cards, and I plan to stick each one on the board with a pin.

I’m really happy with how it turned out, and even happier that it will be something we can use in the future.

Are there any projects you’re doing that you will display after your wedding?


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