Oh How Suite

The suite I’ve reserved for my wedding day that is.  Once Fiance proposed my mind immediately started swarming with ideas and the ever growing to-do list.  The first was to pick a reception spot (one week later.. check!).  The second was supposed to be ‘find a church’ or ‘research photographer’.  However that list quickly changed once we made the decision to have our wedding out of town.  My mission then switched to booking our hotel suite so I would have a place to get ready in.

Luckily for me I knew exactly what hotel I wanted to use for our wedding block  The Woodcliff Hotel and Spa is close to our reception venue, is set on top of a hill (which offers beautiful views) and offers complimentary shuttle service to our guests to and from our reception.  Fiance and I have stayed there twice to celebrate birthdays. It was no surprise that once we booked our reception venue, I was immediately looking at the hotel’s website.

Since I won’t be getting ready at the home I live in or the home I grew up in, I knew I wanted to get ready for the most important day of my life (thus far) in a beautiful setting that had enough room for me to feel relaxed.   The Woodcliff was the perfect place to look, as they offered a few different suites to choose from.  However after quickly perusing their website, there was only one suite I envisioned getting ready in on my wedding day.  The Art Deco.

What’s so special about this suite?

  • Over 1110 square feet to get ready in (and with eight bridesmaids, one junior, MOTB, MOTG and a makeup artist or two…that space is absolutely necessary since I’m afraid I may be overwhelmed by so many people the morning of)
  • Two floors (in case I need to escape the madness!)
  • Two bathrooms (another huge plus)
  • Adorable spiral staircase (looks great in photos)
  • First floor living room, dining area and wet bar (again, more space to spread out and relax)

It’s very popular among brides – and I booked the suite fifteen months before the wedding.  Crazy?  Maybe.  But I knew I wanted to get ready there, so there was no point in procrastinating.

The suite is a little pricey – I originally only booked it for the night before the wedding (maybe have a little girls night beforehand and relax the morning of the wedding).  Fiance and I knew we would be getting back from wedding festivities late and didn’t need a fancy hotel room for our wedding night, so we decided to book a standard hotel room instead.

That lasted for about one month.  After discussing the suite some more, Fiance said he really wanted to stay there too (we’re not staying together the night before the wedding) – so we will be going back to the suite the night of our wedding and relaxing in that extremely large space the next morning, ordering breakfast for two, and not leaving until this kick us out 🙂

(All photos provided by The Woodcliff Hotel)

Was anyone else overly excited about their wedding night accommodations?


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