Surviving Pre Cana

Fiance and I made it through our pre cana experience (basically a required pre-marital experience for Catholics).  To give you some background, Fiance is Catholic, I am not, but agreed to a Catholic wedding ceremony to make Fiance happy (and I was happy to do it).

We are getting married an hour and a half away from the city we live in, so naturally I decided to have us complete our pre cana requirement in the same city we would be getting married in (it was only later that I realized we didn’t have to complete the requirement there… better safe than sorry right?)  I know everyone’s pre cana experience is a little different, so I loved reading other people’s accounts of their premarital counseling.

Our pre cana class held on a Saturday, and we had planned to leave at 7:00 a.m. to make the 8:30 a.m. registration.  Right before we were ready to leave, I notice that Fiance is wearing khakis and a dress shirt.  I immediately panic, since I was planning to wear jeans.  I frantically went online and searched google for ‘what to wear to pre cana’.  Luckily I wasn’t the first to ask this question.  After my quick search I discovered that most people wore jeans and only a handful dressed up.  I then remembered we were required strongly encouraged to attend mass after pre cana, and I went with the black pants/cardigan outfit (I don’t like wearing jeans to an actual service).

Needless to say, we left twenty minutes late, and led to us arguing when we first left (I found it ironic that we were arguing on the way to counseling…not a good sign).  We hate to argue, and luckily it didn’t last long.

We arrived at the church with enough time to partake in the last few minutes of an ice breaker. (Fill out ten questions about yourself and find a person in the group with a match)

After the ice breaker we had the opportunity to grab breakfast (bagels, muffins and fruit) and led into a conference room with 27 other couples.  Every couple introduced themselves, told their wedding date/location and an interesting fact about themselves as a couple.

Then the seminars began – married couples from the church spoke on a variety of topics including faithfulness, ways to strengthen a marriage, finances, planning of the ceremony, etc.  We had a forty minute break for lunch (they served pizza) and we continued again until 5:00 p.m.  We then attended the Palm Sunday mass, and finished our day at 6:30 p.m.

Overall I was happy we went – the presenters brought up different topics of conversation that Fiance and I could reflect on.  However I felt like the presenters talked too much and rushed through our discussion time  (which were few and far between!)

Sorry there are no pictures – I thought it might be funny if I was snapping away during the presentations.. and then I just forgot about taking them altogether (since I’m normally not a picture taker in church 🙂 )


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