Is It Possible to Have a Catholic Ceremony.. on a Sunday?

One thing Fiance and I didn’t think through when sending in our deposit to our reception venue – how we were going to coordinate holding a Catholic wedding ceremony on a Sunday.  A Sunday of a holiday weekend no less.

Since Fiance and I were getting married out of town, we decided to first book the venue and the rest would follow.  Having a church wedding was always important to us – I grew up Methodist, and Fiance Catholic. Our wedding is the Sunday of Labor Day weekend, and in my mind I naturally treated it like a Saturday (because a lot of our guests would have the Labor Day holiday on Monday off from work).  It wasn’t until I started looking into which church we would be married at that I realized planning a church ceremony on a Sunday would be somewhat challenging.

I started my search by asking Fiance’s Aunt and Uncle (who live in the area) for recommendations.  We had three criteria that we wanted to meet:

  1. The church had to be either Catholic or Methodist (we were willing to compromise as long as it was one of the two).
  2. It had to be big enough to accommodate our 200 guests (I’ve been to a few churches where there was not enough room).
  3. We needed to feel comfortable with the priest/pastor/minister performing our ceremony (again, I’ve been to weddings where the priest was just…awkward).

We found three churches right away we loved, and I immediately contacted them.  Each one came back with the same response – they do not perform weddings on Sundays.

Insert panic.  We still really wanted to have our wedding in a church.  I started my internet search and stumbled upon Chapel Hill, a church that is available to rent and only used for weddings/funerals, but not religious services.  Perfect!


Then Fiance told me it was really important for him to have a priest from his college perform our ceremony.  A majority of his friends had been married by this priest, and in reality, he was the only one we had a connection to.

Sounds great, we’ll have a priest we know marry us  – #3 all set!

One problem.  Chapel Hill does not allow Catholic ceremonies (the local Catholic diocese forbids it).

Ugh.. .now what?  Le Sigh.

And just when I was about to give up…

I emailed a college that had a chapel.  One in which we could have our Catholic ceremony (#1), it would accommodate our guest list(#2),we get to bring in our own priest (#3) and it was gorgeous (bonus!)

And the best part – they had our date available and school would not be in session yet, which means we were free to book it.  And we did.. immediately!

I’m so excited to be married in such a beautiful church!


Are there any other Sunday brides out there planning to get married in a church?


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