Modern Invitations

Before I share what invites we chose, I first wanted to show you all the pretty contenders.  When Fiancé and I first got engaged, I thought for sure I would go to an invitation store and look through stacks of oversized invitation books to find the perfect formal invite.  But as the months passed by, I realized that there are so many unique and beautiful invitations online.  Suddenly I didn’t want such formal invites, but instead something that reflected our personalities and the type of event we are hosting.

And let me say – there are SO many invitations to chose from!  I could look at them for days.  I definitely gravitated to some of the modern, simple designs.   Below are some of my favorites.

Image via Etsy Shop CooperJane

Image via Etsy Shop Bdesignsinvitations

Image via Wedding Paper Divas

Image via Etsy Shop CricketPrinting

Image via Etsy Shop PinkOrchidInvites

Image via Etsy Shop FineAndDandyPaperie

I think you can see where I am going here – I love the look of a modern invitation that still uses elements of  a traditional invite.  Stay tuned as I’ll be sharing what we chose and how they turned out.

What elements did you look for in an invite?


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